What was stated has come to dust

Some would call it a risk, to make public a series of dispatches with no prior exhibition or introduction of it to others. Others may even say that it is futile. No one would be wrong in their estimations, because individual estimations are what things such as this are about.

Firstly, it could be questioned why something like this has been undertaken. Why chose to offer up dispatches out to nothing more than the seemingly random digital ether? Who could it be aimed at? Who would want to read it? Surely these kinds of pages have an audience in mind, so who are the faces to whom this is offered up to?

There is a possibility that the posts are being made public simply for the consumption of the author themselves, and no one else. The posts could simply be for the attention of the author, and the fact that they exist in the public domain might not mean a thing to them. But, non the less, posts on pages such as this are in the public domain, whether circulating amongst the shadows of the random, or not.

And now comes the potential of discovery. One day this page may well be chanced upon, whether through an erroneous link due to a hopeful yet incorrect coupling of searched words, or simply a blind introduction created by the 'Next Blog' button.

And what will be made of this page?

How stale or fresh will it be when it is chanced upon (because chanced upon is the only way it will be discovered and read)?

What will the author be doing at the point of discovery? They may not even be around anymore, in the sense that they may have given up on this page, or may even have passed away. Such scenarios are completely feasible.

And what of irrelevance or poignancy of the page to the reader? There is such an absolute slurry of dispatches out there that it is hard to tell what is worth continuing with and what should be rightfully abandoned. If an individual were to intently read each and every page they came upon, they would have little time for anything else in their lives.

So, with that in mind, I say to the (potential) ones who discover this page, welcome and estimate what you see before you, but estimate with haste, for your lives are happening right now and moving through events quickly; whereas this.. well, this is only here.

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