Faces (and what was meant)

Hey! How are you?
Come and see us both tomorrow!
Our nails are not as sharp as others - what have you got to lose?
Come and see us!

For those out there who can't quite judge the distance between friends, I know your pain. How does one know exactly when something means something, and that nothing definitely means nothing? There seems to be a period where one can drive themselves insane with confusion, expectation, apprehension, fear and delusion all at the same time, all craning to escape the funnel first, to be the one emotion that dominates all.

So many to chose from (as if you get to actually chose between one or more), so many to kiss (as if you get to definitely kiss someone), so many to fall in love with (yeah.. well.. the least said about that, the better).

The look of love lost in her eyes was like starvation.

The look of love gained in her eyes was like the discovery of a new ocean; brave, vast and endless.

The look of love familiar in her eyes was like the walls of a castle, designed to withstand the ravages of the elements and the harsh attention of eternity.

The look of love unrequited in her eyes was like instantaneous, razor-sharp blindness, and the absolute lack of control with follows.

The look of love understood was like the final peice of a jigsaw in her eyes; after years of waiting patiently the picture was complete and made perfect sense.

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