They never stopped being what they are to each other

"They never stopped being.. you know.."
"Boyfriend, girlfriend?"
"Boyfriend, girlfriend to each other. Yeah"

Count the faces on this Christmas Eve; the welcoming voices, the inquisitive minds. Was it all really that awkward earlier?
Did she really look that gorgeous? Yes it was, and yes she did are the answers to that.
Why can people fall in love to less?
What does it take to fall in love under these conditions?

You couldn't even focus on me earlier. You asked me up but you couldn't even focus on me because of the drink. I don't mind, though. Not this time. You asked about me and you genuinely seemed to care, and that was something. I said to your sister "Hey, haven't seen you since the boat race. You look gorgeous, I like your hair" and I don't think she was impressed, or maybe she thought I was making fun of her. I don't know. Anyway, I wasn't making fun of her. I just like to pay compliments when I'm having a good time.

The glazed look of drink was on everybody's face tonight. But I didn't feel alone. I felt welcomed, it all fitted into place. Maybe I always was welcomed, I just didn't realise it at the time, too wrapped up in whatever I was wrapped up with.

But tonight they all meant it, and I saw it and I embraced it. You can breathe to this. You can't breathe to thoughts, to speculation, to judgement. This winter town has welcomed me home, so let's sing to the light of the moon.

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