Let's get out of the 21st century

All smiles like serrated edges we march into the forsaken future. It's already wasted; didn't you see the signs? Let's hope you're well enough to get on that plane, because there's so much to see at the other end.

Everyone left, and they made sure the lights went with them. The house was cold, and only the house itself had things to say at that time of night. One month might not last long, but it tries its damndest to make itself last long. The sky is a nauseous yellow tonight, like the threat of some chemical fallout waiting for the most dramatic moment to rain down on everything below.

Put on your mask and hang out to dry. This is going to be a long stretch, and there's no way out now. Everything is strumming out of tune, but at least evrything is strumming together; one two three, one two three, one two three, to the beat of something. Who's keeping pace? They deserve a medal, whoever they are. After all of what's gone on, and now, during this, our most undignified hour, someone is still keeping rhythym to it all.

I watched you through the trees. The light of the front room reminded me of where the warmth can be found. I watched you through the holes in the fence; he smoked whilst you wished to be miles away. I watched you on the second floor, carefree enough to leave the curtains open. I watched you get in the car, and close your eyes, sitting there and getting it all out of your system before you dare drive away.

Don't worry, I won't tell anyone I saw you. I won't tell anyone I saw your facade let down, just for a second. It's hard, constantly trying to hold it all together. We all need rest. We all need relief. I understand that.

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