The perfect December

And now she has to quickly put down the wine glass and cover her mouth, in case she laughs and the wine comes out (so the funny comment was timed). As the wine glass loudly hits the table both parties are glad that good wine did not go to waste for the sake of a funny comment. She closes her eyes and takes in the comment, shaking with laughter that she will not let escape her lips.

Now she is at the opposite side of the small cabaret table; it is dimly lit, aside from the light of the stage gently illuminating her smile and eyes full of happiness. She is laughing aloud now and her bottle is empty so there is no risk of a spill. She is looking him in the eye, finding comfort in the fact that he is laughing too.

She is in bed, on top of her man, and they are making love passionately - so passionately that the headboard keeps hitting the wall and for some reason the set of empty bedside drawers also opens in rhythm too. They both stop what they are doing and stare at the drawers. She laughs so much, and covers her mouth.

Outside, a fox slowly runs past the building, down past the bins, into the town and towards where her cubs are sleeping. The air is keeping still, and the street lights are guiding her way.

Now she has come into the kitchen, fully dressed, apart from her socks. He sees her feet for the first time, and the black nail polish on her toes. He comments on where they are about to go in the car, always looking at her toes until they are covered by her socks. She laughs and agrees with him, and puts on her shoes. He thinks about her bare feet for the rest of the day.

She is sat in the sun, and the light turns her to gold for him. Her eyes are slight to protect them from the sun, and she does not see him look at her hair, longing to touch it. It looks so soft and warm. the highlights are fading, but that is fine with him. He would rather it be her natural colour anyway. Her arms goose pimple in the unexpected chill that dashes past. She rubs them, looks up at him, and he looks away.

She lives in a house on the corner. She waits and waves at the window at his arrival, her fingers gently moving back and forth, her face so glad and alive to see him.

She lives as often from home as she can. She welcomes him anywhere but home.

She spends her time between her mother's and her boyfriends, and her father's. She feels more comfortable at her father's, but dissatisfaction has made her move far, far away many times.

This is the perfect December, where the stars are on fire in the shadowy night sky, and all is moving forwards. All is moving together.

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