Come back for the decay


"What time is it?"
"Quarter to four"
"Where did you get that?"
"That. I thought you'd given up"
"I did. But.. I found this in my coat pocket. Look, it's bent anyway. Do you want me to put it out?"
"No. I'm not bothered. Smoke it if you want. I just thought you'd quit"


"So.. how long have you known them?"
"Known them?"
"Yeah. How long have you known them?"
"I haven't known them at all. I don't know them now"
"I mean, how can anyone know anybody?"
"Okay. What about me?"
"Well, I've known you for years. That's different"
"So, you do know me then? You just don't know these people?"
"I'm aware of them, I know that"
"For god's sake.."
"I mean, yes, I know you, but it depends on your interpretation of know.."
"Christ, it's a quarter past four. Can't we just head back?"
"Don't you want to meet them?"
"Meet them? I'm not even aware of them. You don't even know them"


"Are you still awake? Hey. Still awake?"
"Okay. Don't go falling sleep, because you'll miss them"
"It's gone half four. I'm so tired"
"They'll be here soon..."
"You've been saying that for five hours now"
"Yeah, well, maybe they've been delayed"
"Yeah. Maybe. What was your first clue?"
"We'll.. we'll give them another few minutes"
"Then what?"
"Then we can go"
"Okay. So.."
"How long is a few minutes?"
"What time is it again?"
"Twenty-five to five"
"Okay. So, how about we give them until five?"
"We'll be froze to death by then"
"Twenty-five minutes won't make any difference now"
"I haven't even brought any drink"
"We can't leave. We can't go to the shop, not now"
"These gloves are awful. They're old. My fingers.. I can't feel them"
"They'll be here in a minute"
"I'm hungry. My fingers are so cold"


"Are you awake? Wake up"
"What? Did I nod off?"
"Yes. Look. They're here.."
"Where..? Oh.. is that.. them?"

"Yes. Keep watching..."

"...what are we going to do?"

"Wait until they see us... keep quiet.."

"I don't think I like this, actually. Do you need me to.. me to.."

"Shh. Don't talk. It'll be alright..."

"How do you know? Yoy said you don't know -"
" - be quiet. Talk more softly. Say what you want but talk softly"



"I don't want to go now. I can't go now..."


"You're going, aren't you? You're going to take the hand, aren't you..."

"Yes. Watch"

"Don't take it. You won't come back. I'm not going to go with them. I want to leave...

... my legs... don't work..."


"Shh. Don't worry"

"My legs don't work..."

"They're ready for us now"

"I'm not ready"

"We're going with them"

"I'm so scared. I can't see. Where are they?... where are you now?"

"I'm here. We're all here"

"Don't leave me alone..."

"Where are you?... Don't leave me... alone..."


"We're going with them. It's the only way back"

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