Coming down from the wall

The fly sat still today, and studied what it had done again. Today, the fly was able to watch and understand its own actions, and it was approved of.

It regurgitated what it needed to eat again, and it watched itself doing this. It was disgusted at its own actions, but could do nothing about it. Such is the force of nature. It was approved of, that it did not fight against its own nature. It was seen as a good thing that the fly still carried out this act, even though the fly knew it was disgusting.

The fly wondered why it was doing this; why it was eating its own regurgitated food again. But still it ate it. The fly was capable of disgust, and will still be capable of disgust tomorrow.

It will watch and it will know what it is doing, but it will not be able to stop.

Such is the force of nature.

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Luca Vincenzo said...

Very good read.

Such is the force of nature.