Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain

Yes, yes, here it goes
This familiar compose
This relentless exhibit
Of fear, and all with it
Rage, worry and lust
In myself, firm mistrust
No excuses I know
For the chances I blow
And the cycle comes new
Never ends, if I'm true
Hasn't really stopped dead
But continues ahead
Ready, waiting, it sits
Tears all new hope to bits
Feeds itself on fresh chance
Won't give reason a glance
Oh, I try, how I try
To let fear just slip by
To let what happens come
And live with what becomes
I know, all in all
There's no reasonable call
To expect all too much
From love, life, and such
And I've felt it before
When what's done; nothing more
Has been plenty for me
Pleased with all I can see
And I know this is real
Something solid to feel
Yet I still crave beyond
What is there; nothing wrong
As if what's displayed
Is less than it's made
Do I really crave lust
Like it's mine, like it's just?
Sometimes, I think so
Feelings; they must all show
Yet if I'm thinking straight
All around me looks great
Because it is what it is
I'm truly happy with this
Yes, yes, here they come
Those equations and sums
Which add up to calm thoughts
I should learn; they're worth nought.

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