Pigs and armchairs

Yeah you came back this time and got a full taste I was half-baked to start with and I'm half-baked today.

Better if it was medium rare you say but I'm never gonna get well done throw me a ribbon here I'm drownin' but I can still make it all look pretty.

Smile and look away I will what if your teeth get scary what if it all gets too serious so the jokes end up homeless and the hands can't wave it all away no more I can't keep them still my fingers look real small when I'm dismissing what you've got to get out and get going.

Want to get away again be abroad see if I care that country's just another set of stories waiting to be your life and make a joke of mine so that's where the jokes end up instead of homeless and we wave at the turnstile it all makes sense now.

jet wings never look that heavy guess that's why they can stay in the air so well take the complimentary drink have a little party in your head what's at the other end doesn't matter just have those dance shoes on and a smile all teeth at the ready..


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know what your inspiration is here? Im a psychic medium and I'm picturing a flash of red, piercing sea blue eyes and dancing Russian bear. Does this mean anything to you?

The Upright Man said...

Well done for finding it. Mum's the word if you please.