Kissing the danger way

If only I'd known you back then,
That would have been a good night
We would have had a good night.
I would not have been drunk..

Sat here now
The outside has never felt so small
Intimate and
At the same time

I am inches from you jagged smile
And your golden frown
I am watching
As you
Throw your future
Down a bottomless well
Because what else was it for?

Being with you here
Is like staring out to sea
At the dead of night
You cannot see it
But you can feel the deep staring back at you
You are blind for now
The moonlight will not hold your hand

Back here again, on this night
You turn and think
Of something other than this
But with one swift glance back
Complete with smile
Keeping the sweetened moment
Thinking on your feet

Am I suffocating?
And even if I am
Does it actually get any better anyway?

But here, with me
I can see your live
Electric mind
Raw and volcanic
And I embrace it all

But I also see
The dead tree of your
Night life
Brittle, and twisted shapeless

And you make sure I
Don't see if for long
Your fingers clasp mine
And you manipulate
Like only those can
Who have been manipulated also

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