A, chara..

It is because of you that I am here
And seeing what I am seeing
The diamonds of fire in the sky above
watched over by animals of pure beauty
Blind and charging
And more colour than flesh

There is glass between us now
making temptation a presence in the room
Damaging, and all knowing

Are you here now
Hiding behind the seats
Playing with your black hair
And with a look on your face like
A solar system grieving the death of its sun

Ripped my jacket on
That sharp tongue of yours
Get a crowbar to prize
that mouth open wide
Count the awards and wipe the brow

Stay in open spaces to protect your
Narrow nerves for eyes
That have got it all perfect
And figured over and out


Klaire said...

"And with a look on your face like
A galaxy grieving at the death of its sun" Powerful.

Klaire said...
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The Upright Man said...

Thanks for the comment, Klaire (although I had to chnage galaxy to solar system because, well, it was wrong. What can I say? I'm no atronomer).

Klaire said...

pesky scientific details! too bad you lose the alliteration. . . still, very nice!

Brosreview said...

Nice analogy!!! Good work!!!