I bring this punishment upon myself daily,
Sometimes as a reason to even get out of bed.
I repeat, I repeat.
I reassess. I analyse.
I torture. I exaggerate.
I punish only myself.
Yet all around me, outside this room,
Is nothing but forgiveness.

You came and sat with me and told me your name.
You forgave me.

You glanced and made eye contact with me.
You forgave me.

You came to me through the dancers
And smiled and asked my name.
You forgave me.

You come to me and ask how I am
And introduce me to others.
You forgive me.

But the times when there is no one around
To forgive me, then it does not come.
I am not the one to forgive.
I am the one to torture, to punish.

A punishment, relentless and focused,
Surrounded by a world of forgiveness.

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