I only drive at night these days

He would tell everyone, I only drive at night these days.
Driving at night is the last true time when a man is living for the moment.
Sure, you can plan a journey and all that,
but no one can guess what's coming next on the road.

Driving at night sharpens the immediacy of it all.
It gives a man time to think, to smile or wallow.
All passes through the window, and I cannot grasp any of it.
Letting it all fly past -
What was that?
Already gone.
This is good. Just keep going.

Everything is mine at night, he would continue.
Everything is with me.
I can hear the tyres on the road, obedient, rhythmic.
I can demand everything to show itself with headlights.
All becomes clear,
Under this, the same night for all beneath it.

The temperature of the car.
The car, this mobile vacuum. Protective, enlightening.
It is silent other than letting me know it is taking me
Where I need to go.
Reminding me that the road is ours, is mine.
For this journey, the road belongs to me.

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